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When I am going to work with the 15 inches rigid heddle loom to make a project, I have ready the yarn(s) I will be using, looking for the right texture, combination of colors, and the appropriate stitches to show off the beauty of the yarn, finishing the scarf with  one or two rows of crochet in the sides, and some of the scarves are embellished with crochet flowers.

This scarf was made with 4 types of yarns, 1 thread of alpaca-1 tread of merino- 1 thread of acrylic this was for the warp, and one acrylic thread for the weft. I worked in 7 inches of the warp (roller of loom), I have a design: 5 threads of brown acrylic-5 threads of brown merino-9 threads of brown alpaca- 5 threads of brown merino- 5 threads of brown acrylic. For the weft ( yarn to weave) I used an self-striped acrylic yarn with the color running from brown, gold to chocolate, all these different colors created the plaid fabric, the sides were crocheted and added brown eyelash yarn, and to the ends of the scarf were added alpaca, merino and acrylic yarn to give a bohemian look.

After the scarf was finished, in a recipient fill with cold/tepid water I added hair rinse, leaving the scarf in there for about 15 minutes, rinse in cold/ tepid water, roll in a towel to get the excess of water and lay flat to dry.  The purpose of washing the scarf after was made is to let the fiber return to its regular state because it was stretched out when they were in the loom when making the product

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